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Online Tournament Requirements to Join

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    I signed up as a diamond member a week ago. Today I tried to join an online tournament. It popped a message saying "You must have 5 online games before you can join."

    But the Help says that basic requirements are 5 games OR being a Premium member. I tried again with about a half dozen tourneys and always got the same response. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


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    I suggest you play 5 games before trying again. It's not such a big deal, is it?

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    @OP: One should play at least five games before joining a tournament. Many tournaments have rating range requirements, which become meaningless if players' ratings do not accurately represent their actual playing strength. Having completed games helps the rating tare more effectively, leading to a more enjoyable tournament experience for everyone.

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    Yes, obviously I could play in at least 5 games before joining a tournament. But that wasn't the point of my post.

    The online Help says that the 5-game requirement doesn't exist for Premium members. Either the Help file should be changed or someone from this website should explain to me what I did wrong in trying to sign up.

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    @Eulalio ... The usual posters here won't help, they'll just criticize you for asking a question they can't answer. Submit an item in the "Help & Support" forum so that it's more likely to be seen by site staff.

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    Hi Eulalio, I don't know where you're getting your information but here is the Help article on joining tournaments:


    As you can see there are no exceptions made for premium members.

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    Thanks, Steve_Bute. I have contacted Support directly, so no worries.

    Nytik, if you look at the general help for tournaments (http://www.chess.com/tournaments/help) you'll see that it says this: 

    Who is allowed to join a tournament?

    Anyone can join a tournament as long as you meet the criteria for the tournament you are joining. Tournament Directors have the ability to change the criteria on a per tournament basis, but the default criteria is given below:

    • Must be a premium member OR have completed at least 5 rated games of Online Chess on Chess.com.
    • Must have at least a 10% win ratio.
    • Must have no more than a 10% timeout ratio.
    Thus, the two Help entries are in conflict. Once I sort this out with Support, I'll post the resolution.
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    Support did not help. First they told me to clear my cache, which I did, with no change. Then they said that some of the tournaments may have set their own entry conditions. So I checked the entry conditions of several tourneys and still couldn't enter ones I should have been able to (Opens).

    So, I gave up and am currently playing 5 online games to meet the minimum requirement.


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