Online Tournaments


Are there any TO sites chess users will use to organize tournaments? I've used battlefy, smash, challonge, and cgs. Just curious if anyone recommends anything. I've been thinking of doing some tourneys with prize money for like U800 and U1000 etc. 


What is TO? Why not organize here? I 've been thinking same. But also for first three places. How much you intent to give prizes? More then 100$?


TO is Tournament Organizer. I was thinking of doing a prize pool for 3 events. U1200 and U1500 maybe U2000 Not sure what the turn out would be. So that'd be maybe $150 prize pool? $25/$15/$5 1st/2nd/SFs?


in the interest to keep out sandbaggers maybe do like 100 games played and highest rating to date plus current rating. So you can play in any event as long as highest rating is not above the event title?


If I am looking for a beginner tournament what is best?


What is the cost to connect with coach