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People on vacation

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    Can anyone advise about how someone can go on vacation and stop progress in the tournament? One of the opponents in my group has gone on vacation. Time remaining still says 3 days even though the last move in the game by them was ages ago. I am in a winning position and once I win I will have the second highest points and the 1st round for my group will be complete.

    I do not understand why this situation is allowed to occur. Shouldn't going on vacation automatically mean they withdraw from the tournament. This is my first time in a tournament so I do not know the etiquette. Surely one person can't just hold everyone else up??!!

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    Don't worry, it's not just one person.  It's many people.  I have my group clinched, but we're waiting on a player to return from vacation.  No big deal.  Do something else.  I'd say that you should become a paid member of this wonderful site.  That way, you'll be able to join other tournaments while you wait for this traveller to return.
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    Thanks for your advice.
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    > how someone can go on vacation and stop progress in the tournament? 


    His vacation isn't holding up the whole tournament, because many games are not even half-way done yet. For example, look at group #38.

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    I have a similiar problem with my tournament. One player went on "vacation" almost a month ago. Strange thing is, he logs in every few days. Another strange thing, in most of his games he has less then two hours to make a move......... Tongue out
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    Imagine a tournament in real life where one day black side of the board is empty. Kramnik asks the judge: "Where is Topalov?" The judge replies: "He went to somewhere sunny and warm with a late plane last night."


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    I for one will be glad to see tournies offered which do not allow players to go on vacation without withdrawing from the tourney. These will be the tournies I join. Until that time I guess I will just have to tolerate the way it is now, or not play.
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    Surely by it's very nature a multi-round correspondance chess tournament can go on for ages whether vacation breaks are allowed or not. I honestly can't remember when my first tournament started, it was so long ago, and it's still weeks away from being complete. Given this, it seems generally impractical to me to exclude vacation breaks. That said, I accept that there may be a market for such events amongst hard-core devotees. I guess if the option was given, people could vote with their feet.
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    ithink the whole point of having an online chess site is so that ppl can play at their own pace.....which makes it fun and more accessible to everyone(since am sure chess is not a full time job for most chess.com members!). Besides vacation time is limited so all the games are finite....u just need a bit of patience....
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    I am going on vacation next month to the USA, I have known I was gonna do this for a year or more. I will not have a problem finding time to log on here and keeping up with my games even while on vacation. I dont understand why others do? If I werent gonna keep up with my games I would not have entered any of the 4 tournies I am now in as I would not be so inconsiderate to all the other players.
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    Sometimes i don t feel for playing chess for somedays,i go on vacations because of time limit.but i still log on to chess.com to be updated on the chess news.any harm on that?people are making a big deal out of this.


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    I think there should be a "no vacation" option, but only for tournaments where the move is 1/day, or below 100 people, or both. These would progress quite fast, so the time you'd be in them could be estimated - and if you actually ARE going on vacation and not just being bitter about losing, you don't need to join the tournament.
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    Now that sounds great!
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    patience grasshopper!

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