Play your rating tournaments...



I created a series of tournaments where you get the chance to fight it out with people on your level when looking at the rating... I hope people will like them... You can find your group here:

Rating 800-1000: Http://

Rating 1000-1200:

Rating 1200-1400:

Rating 1400-1600:

Rating 1600-1800:

Rating 1800-2000:

Rating 2000+:

I have also created this tournament that is free for all to join, you just have to be a fast player aka low average move time:

And last but not least, i cooked up a knockout tournament for some match-play:

Hope you will enjoy thes tournaments and looking forward to seeing a lot of good games...

Best regards Miwala


Thank you - I've entered - this is my second tournament and really am just trying to find my way around - the first tournament I entererd apparently is a knock out type - I'm playing a much higher rated player which is great for practice but I sure doubt if I will be progressing very far.  So thanks for another opportunity to play.


Welcome Paul and thank you for registrering,

Im new in here to and just trying to create tournaments that i would compete in.... If you have any ideas for a tournament you would like to play in you are welcome to message me, and i will try to set something up :-)

Remember to sign up for my other tournament:

Its good to play with people on your own level but you can still learn alot by playing with higher rated players than yourself...

Best Regards Miwala


I'm not sure I can handle 8 games at once right now - but I can see the advantage of playing higher / better rated players - I am pretty new to chess and I'm really amazed at how much there is to learn