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Prize Tournament for Non-Premium Members

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    Not filling up as quickly as I thought so posting the details here.

    I am running a prize tournament for non-premium members.

    The prizes are as follows;

    1st - 1 Month Diamond Membership

    2nd - 1 Month Platinum Membership

    3rd - 1 Month Gold Membership

    I enjoy the chess.com features and thought it might be good to give those who can't get their own membership, for one reason or another, a chance to check some of them out. Hopefully 1 month will give someone enough time to learn a bit more and, if they improve their game even a little bit, then it will have been a success.

    The rating range is <1500. Please play honestly and fairly. It is fairly simple to check games with an engine if needs be.

    Good Luck and have fun.


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    Lol, I hope the tourney I'm in will end in time :D

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    Only 2 registered so far so you'll be ok I think.

    Plus, if you get through to the finals of the one we're in already I'll finish you quickly Tongue Out

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    Really thoguht this would be more popular...

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    Good luck finishing me - I can work out draws pretty well for a 1300-1400 :D


    I thought it would be more popular too - I mean, membership?

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    Another bump. 6 players so far, 14 to go.

    As it fills up it should move up the tournament homepage and be more visible.

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    Bump - up to 13 now


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