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Rated chess tourneys

  • #21

    el-hajji wrote:

    The tournament started about 8-10 hours ago.  Its says its for

    The Bushido Sushi Tuna Roll Chess Challenge (a)


    If I were you I would make a fuss.

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    I have complained Mr GentleWarrior.   They haven't responded to date.

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    In chess.com tourneys, the players outside the rating range will automatically be moved to the correct bracket when the tourney starts. You also get an email stated that you were moved up or down. This just happened to me in the 20th quick knockout tourney. I registered in the 1600-1800 tourney. My rating bumped a tad above 1800 on the day the tourney started. I got moved into the 1800-2000 bracket and got soul crushed.

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    its not auto.the TD must initiate the cleanup.  the clowns just click start on full quota without cleaning. Best to stick to official matches.

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    Not all the TD like that, some would take care of the players and removed the out of rated before starting the tourney. You just unlucky for this one.


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