Resale tickets to world chess championship 2018


Anyone got a ticket for round 11 to sell? Pm me!


Looking for 2 tix, in case you can't make it for round 11 (today). PM me! Thx


Anyone tickets for Monday round 12? best A


Also looking for round 12 tickets. 


I need round 1 tickets. Please PM!

Carla-Magnusson ha scritto:

Do not bother, it is a complete rip off. 

I never said that about a Chess Championship before.

We paid £55 each. The auditorium is very small and has really uncomfortable benches, not seats. You get a 30 minute ticket and have to leave after 30 minutes, to go to get another 30 minute ticket and then stand in a massive queue to get back in. 


Watch on your computer.


Thanks Carla for sharing your experience. I did not manage to get a ticket and was wondering how they organised an event lasting for several hours. Also I kind of saw the glass between the players and the public on some pictures but couldn't believe, I thought it was temporary.