School Chess Competition


Hello recently i was at a tornament with a selection of people who chose to come that are part of the school chess club i am in year 12 and others were in ranging from years 8 and 12.  All of us played four other people.  I beaten all four of them which got my name in the school newspaper.  The first was my best friend who we been playing each other the second was the tuckshop ladies daughter who i smashed the third was another girl who was very cold from the air con she forfeited cause she was too cold which i feel sorry for.  The last person who i played was a boy who we had a good going but in the end i was declared the winner.  So i want to know what is your greatest chess tornament/competition moments please leave comments and happy chess gaming



My happiest moment was when I won my primary school chess tournament. I beat my brother, the 2nd best guy, a random person and the best guy in the school. I was then declared winner which was funny cause I was only grade 5 and second and third place were both year 7s. After that, I got my first rating of 500 (gardiner chess).

My rating now is probable around 800.


Do u have a rating?



My funniest moment wa when i didn't know how to checkmate people.

when i was kinda young, i didn't really know how to checkmate people so, you know what i did? instead of surrounding their king, i ate the king Tongue out


My greatest chess victory was in the ninth grade. That's when I learned how to spell it.  Smile


guess what guys i went on to be the school's Chess Champion