Shabazz Chess Tournament Omaha 2015


The Shabazz Chess Tournament Omaha 2015
will be Sunday 3rd May .
Culprit Cafe 16th & Farnam .

Rich's Chess Tournaments Omaha previous Sponsors :
Dr Shabazz
Dr Siddique
Gregory Hayze Rhodes
Wildemar II


Update :

I have tickets to the Avengers Age of Ultron 5-2-Sat 3:10pm .

Players can contact me that wish to attend .


$300.00  1st Place Prize  Joe Knapp
$100.00  2nd Place Prize  Courtney Houston
$50.00  3rd Place Prize  Dennis Zongker
$20.00  4th Place Prize  Johnnie Wilson
       5th Place  Maggie Douglas
       6th Place  Don
       7th Place  Rich Merwin