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Stategic draw

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    I would appreciate if a staff member could answer me, because I never cheated and I don't want to begin. I want to know if I have the right to make a draw offer to my opponent even if I have VERY good chances to win the game. The reason it's the following: If my opponent loose the game, he will have the same number of points than a third player in our group and the three of us will pass to the next round. If he draws against me, only he and I will pass. (2 players pass in each round). It's kind of important, because we are only 7 players who still in the tournament. So, I would eliminate a player by this draw offer. I saw in the rules that a player cannot play for loosing, but offering a draw is it considered to be part of this cheating rules? For me, it's only strategic and strategy is part of the game. Thanks for your answers!

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    you do have the right to offer a draw or resign for any reason

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    Thanks my friend! My first idea was sending you a message, but I choose the forum. Same result!

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    Stategically prosition

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