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TD forces withdraw

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    Do I lose all my points if the TD forces me to withdraw?  Let me clarify, if a TD removes someone from a tournament, do I lose points?  A TD has the withdraw button on each player so he can remove someone from a tournament.

    Thanks Kohai for giving the CORRECRT ANSWER:

    A TD can only actually remove players between rounds, no-one, not even staff can remove a player from a tournament while they have games being played.

    A TD can only remove a player from a tournament between rounds, not during.

    I moved the correct answer to the top to save readers from having to read comments from the trolls joey and kphlash.

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    I didn't know a td had this power.

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    Yes they do but does one lose ratings if the TD drops you?

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    I've never heard of this, but, I would guess that, in all fairness, if you are forced to withdraw by a td, you shouldn't lose points.

    I've been td many times. I, and others, have dealt with some that are, let's say, unsportsmanlike. I've never tried to boot another participant.

    Why did this happen?

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    Doesn't help.

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    Why were you booted from the tourney?

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    computermedic64 wrote:

    Do I lose all my points if the TD forces me to withdraw?

    Message me privately please and let me know which tournament it is, why you are being forced to withdraw and by whom.

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    If you withdraw while you have games in progress from said tournament you will lose ratings from all of those games.

    You can only safely withdraw once the round has finished and you have no current games from that tournament.

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    computermedic64 wrote:

    Yes they do but does one lose ratings if the TD drops you?

    Did you write to kohai,what they say?

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    Kohai said to withdraw after playing a few games to avoid losing a ton of points.

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    you ok with that?

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    Yup!  Ed said "not to be afraid to use my full allotted time, they can wait."  I have offer draws to everyone so I can withdraw, any one not taking the draw, I will use Ed's advice.  :)

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    maj maj................

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    +1, Hercule Poirot ( @Joey) gets his man, yet again.  Smile

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    I didnt say he was forcing me to withdraw, my question was if a TD withdraws me from a tournament, do I lose my points.  TD's can force a withdraw on their side.

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    Joey, what you didn't know is I tried leaving BEFORE the tournament started, for some reason I could not be removed.

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    Joey, did you know a TD can remove one from a tournament?  I wanted to know if I lose points if that happens.  Do you know?

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    I am playing, but I guess you still didnt get the question. 


    Do I lose points if a TD withdraws me from a tournament?

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    Joey,heres one for you..I withdrew before the T had started but still ended up losing a barrel load of points.How does that work out then?

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