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Team Match Tournament! (<1700)

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    Hello all,

    I am trying to organize a team match tournament. It will be <1700, unlimited number of players, and each team will have 7 days to lock. There will be 16 teams, and it will be knockout style. For example, if Team A is against Team B, and Team C against Team D, then the winner of Round 1 Match 1 (A vs. B) will advance and go up against the winner of Round 1 Match 2 (C vs. D).

    Again, 1st 16 teams to respond will earn a spot in the tournament, and it is <1700. Respond to this if you would like to participate.

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    I would, Joely! Put APP @ lincoln down!

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    OK, so far we have:

    In a fog this chess year?


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    put "chess on" in the list

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    But Lincoln can't play in a fog because all match playing players from Lincoln are in in a fog

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    Good point.


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