The Women's World Chess Championship of 2012

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    What happens to tournament threads when the tournament is over? 

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    Is over already?  

    (ta penguin, though a bit warm seeming, looks somehow more comfortable then Tatiana)

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    I'm right here, trysts. Clearly everyone else is gone though, from the picture.

    I'm buried in the sand somewhere, so you'll eventually stumble upon me, ozzie. And we know pdela is probably in those mountains in the backLaughing

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    Hou's on first base.

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    The other day I met a person who'd never heard of Abbott and Costello.

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    They probably haven't heard of the chimp, either.

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    Anna Ushinena is champ, not Hou. Hou is the next challenger in match play.

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