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The Women's World Chess Championship of 2012

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    She beat him in one game, he blundered a rook, tried to change it but had already touched the piece:


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    Much more impressive was Kosteniuk's win over Aronian in that tournamentWink

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    I haven't figured out how to put videos up, but here's the link:


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    Well I tried to post the video again, but I failedFrown

    @John:In blitz, an international master probably has better chances than any of usLaughing

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    Though, I should say that I can probably beat Carlsen in a drunken chess game as long as I'm pouring the drinksWink

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    What public are you referring to?

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    Let me have a few drinks first before I consider it. Extraordinary proposals deserve an extraordinary amount of alcoholLaughing

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    THETUBESTER is now blocked from this threadLaughing

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    It's not like I wanted to block you, but I don't eat liver, I was eating a chocolate covered peanut cluster. Why anyone would assume I'm eating liver, and others would fear for my meal, is a bit much.

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    That was fairly amusing.Laughing

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    Bah! Hum Bug!!!!!!

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    I missed all the fun, tubester, stop stalking trysts, she doesn't want anything from you :-(. trysts!!! sharon marie copperfield!! :'(

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    all seals move into position, thread hijack in progress, wait for my signal..

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    Dogone it ! Irina Krush is out now and I have nobody to cheer for. At the start I was worried that there were too many Ladies that I liked in this tournament. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. 

  • #216

    I was rooting for Irina Krush from the beginning. Schade.

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    THETUBESTER wrote:

     That does stink - all the Americans are ousted.  At least we know that we will have a new champion, which is kind of cool.

    Really? To my poor knowledge, the winner of this tournament will play Hou Yifan next year for the crown.

    If Hou won, she would play next year against Humpy (again).

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    Good morning! Two very exciting games going on now, and one game decided draw. I'm still watching and calculating, so I'll have updates in a little bitSmile

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    Suddenly a massive blunder from Antoaneta and Marie has it in ze bag.

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    CalamityChristie wrote:

    Suddenly a massive blunder from Antoaneta and Marie has it in ze bag.

    Black seems lost, even without blundering.


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