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The Women's World Chess Championship of 2012

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    Apparently the move that loses the above game is 22...Qc8, when Houdini gives the best move as 22....Ka7.

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    Cramling-Krush was quite a game, however Irina Krush does seem to be off to a bit of a slow start.   

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    How's Irina's second game going?

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    How's Irina's second game going?

    This is a good question for tomorrow.

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    Thank you Mr Fren.

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    It's a shame we have to wait that long to see how Irina's second game is goingFrown

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    Is it tomorrow yet (in comparison with where the tournament is located)? 

    I think it is.


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    What in the world are all those cgi vars? Starting with the well-named p1, and continuing on through p2, p3, p4, and all the way to p12. No wonder they devoted an entire lecture in 6.033 to Naming.

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    I await an interpretation of the penguin.Laughing

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    ( Trysts )   Totally unrelated ... Yet still a friend and old admirer... Xapper says hi... and he is glad to see you, back on the Interweb!   You go girl!

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    Krush-Cramling playing coffee chess again :)

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    hahah Hou Yifan is lost

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    29. Qxb8 just looked ridiculous to me?

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    Wow, thanks for the game Scottrf. Pretty shocking result. So Humpy is out, and Hou and Anna Muzychuk are going to have to play tie-breakers to stay in the tournament!. There is a clause I believe, where if Yifan Hou is not the winner of this tournament, she will automatically get to play the winner in a match for the WWCC.

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    Houdini evaluates Pogonina's position as +1.07, against Kosteniuk!

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    Crush is trying to win an equal position. Highly unlikely, Cramling is very experienced.

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    trysts wrote:

    Houdini evaluates Pogonina's position as +1.07, against Kosteniuk!

    Still looks a tough slog to win.

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    Scottrf wrote:

    29. Qxb8 just looked ridiculous to me?

    other moves would have been worse ... 28.Bd4 was a blunder (allowing some nice black combinations with the pawn on d3) but she was going downhill after the "obvious" 21.Rc7 ?


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