Tie breaks..!


Hi there,any advice will be gladly taken on the tie break issue.! I am in the 1st tournament of my LIFE here on chess.com and am probably a bit wet behind the ears as far as they go.

1st round,6 in the group and 1 goes through.

I was ranked 5 on my rating at the start and am very pleased to say i have played 4 won 3 and drawn 1.,and think another 2 games are in my bag.,yippee..!

However.,i have noticed the 2 top seeds in my group are dragging thier heels and have only finished 1 game each.!

It seems to me that they are being very shrewed sitting back,ready to pinch as many tie break points as they can while finishing off thier games..!!!

Would this assumption be correct or am i just reading to much into this..???

ps; the other 4 players in the group have all finished more than 5 games,1 has finished 9..!

         best regards Lawrence..!


You can use this spreadsheet for calculating your chances:



Cheers sebs.,i'll have a nose..!


You have nothing to worry about, tie breaks are updated as games as completed, so it makes no difference if you win against someone when they have no wins, or stall the game until after they win some games.


Thanks scotrf.,i still can't see how.,but i feel more comfortable with a bit of reassurance..!


If someone you have previously beaten wins against one of the other people in your group after you've beaten them, your tie break score will increase retrospectively.


I am kind of understanding it all.,everyones tie break score may change after any of the group games..!!! I'll stick with playing and leave the score sheets well alone.,many thanks scott..!!!!


I don’t even know what the Tie Breaks score means, can someone explain please



The Tie Break score gives a value to your wins depending on the strength of your opponents during the match (for example a win against someone who lost most games will be less worth than a win against someone who won most other games).

If the total match scores are equal the one with the best Tie Break score wins the match.


Thanks for that


There seems to be a paradox with the Neustadtl Score Method when there are continued tie scores throughout tournaments. One of the players in Round 2 of this tourney presented a scenario that could lead to a three-way tie in Group #2 (leading to each having the same tie-break score) and possibly causing all three to advance to Round 3 to face off against the two whom have already advanced from Group #1.

What normally would be a three-way battle to the finish could become a five-way battle, which I can understand. I would assume if there are tie scores in this final round that there could be multiple players sharing one or more of the final three trophies. Does this happen very often...having constant tie scores throughout tourneys?

If I interpreted this incorrectly, please advise as I'm wanting to better understand this system. Thanks.



The more players in each group the more likely you may more than one advance even with a tiebreaker. In couple tournament i ran into the same person twice. That is brutal.

Beware of tournaments where they have groups of 2 and only one advances by tie breaker. It will last forever. If you split the games and both of you advance deep chances are you will see that opponent again.

Hard to say the percentage of what happens in tournaments as we have so many here in a year.


Thanks RB. When studying how this system works, I always thought it could be possible...but a rare occurence (which seems to not be the case depending on the tourney). So now I'm thinking that it may not really be necessary to have the tie-break, unless its a determining factor in who falls into which group pairings in future rounds of the same tourney (if multiple groups exist).