Tournaments for rookies.


Hi all!

I've been a member of for a couple of months now, and I would like to get in some tournaments, but as far as I can see, most TNMs have an avg. rating around 1000/ 1200... 

Not that I absolutely need to win, but I would like to at least have a fighting chance, and not get obliterated on turn 1...

Are there any beginner tournaments, like <1000?

I find it a bit intimidating  to start one, as I don't know all the fancy forms of TNMs yet grin.png 

Anyway, I think this a great site, and I look foreward to see you all on the checkered dance floor happy.png

- JS


Hi, I've algo never played a tournament before


and I'd like to do it, if you can tell me how can I do, or have more information than I...

Arena tournaments pair you with similarly rated opponents. There might much higher rated players in the tournament, but they will play other higher rated players. A lot of arenas I have played have had the three top scorers win very low ratings. These tournaments are fun and pretty low stress.

@funkadelictable: so that is what 'arena' means, thank you very much for the info. 


@Jorge0708Chivilcoy: I browsed through the daily tournaments and was lucky to find one that was <1000. It is running now, so I don't think you still can join though frustrated.png


But maybe we could start a new one, I don't know how, but I am sure someone out there can help us out. It is a big new world and a big webpage with a lot to figure out, but people seem nice and helpfull to newcommers happy.png


may i join the tornyment


Hope this helps!


I was inspired by your post to create a tournament like this just now.  I'll run this small one as a test and if successful, I will consider hosting more in the future.

Edit: it's already full now

3 days/move, minimum game requirement of 10, no vacation