Types of Tournaments

can any tell me the types of tournament like 5/0 blitz, 5/0 blitz ( Open) , 15/10 rapid, 15/10 rapid ( open) , 3/2 bullet etc

The first number is how much time you have in minutes for the whole game, the second number is how much increment you have in seconds. Increment is time added to your clock after each move you make. So 5/0 is 5 minutes each with no increment. 15/10 is 15 minutes each plus 10 seconds increment. 3/2 is 3 minutes each plus 2 seconds increment. Some tournaments are restricted eg. only for premium members or only for those rated 1600+, others are open for anybody to play. Blitz/rapid/bullet are just terms to describe the different time controls.


Can I piggy back this thread?  We have a club/team and we want to create an internal blitz tournament for our members, though I cant see if this is possible anywhere? Thanks a million




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I think that this is possible, but I do not know how. sad.png On the bright side, sometimes a post (like this one) draws attention to the forum via activity; I am sure someone will let you know how, in due time. Worst case scenario is that you simply "ask a question" (contact) chess.com, and they should prompty respond within 48 hours happy.png - Although I would wait a while before this option, as usually the forum will produce an answer in a reasonable amount of time.


Thanks a mill KeSetoKaiba, I'm sure it'd possible, everything seems covered on here.  I'll leave it for now and if I ask chess.com will post the reply here happy.png


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So this page explains pretty thoroughly the types of tournaments that we (Chess.com) offer:



As far as club tournaments, check out our announcement here: https://www.chess.com/news/view/new-feature-live-club-tournaments-3882


Admittedly, I'm not the best at keeping up with alerts on forum posts, so, if you have any other questions, shoot us an email support@chess.com



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And this article explains the types of different game variants, some of which are available in tournaments.