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Unbelievable scene at tournament

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    Last night I played my very first tournament game since I started playing 3 months ago. After 51 moves, 4h (lasting until almost midnight), and an opening by black that I had no idea how to deal with (The Scandinavian in response to e4), I lost after building a winning position with his King pushed towards the center on check as I pleased.... Then an outrageous scene that ruined my night....

    Table down from me a younger kid (he seemed like he was having a hard time with the clock or notes...whatever) was quietly talking with his opponent about getting their moves down correct. I think he had copied down some moves wrong and they were just comparing score cards. There was no chatting about moves....etc...I thought NOTHING of this, and neither did anyone else but one guy. All of a sudden he starts flipping out and yells "S.O.B. you and that dumn fu----- kid are doing this to me all the time! FU and that kid, I'm handicapped and I dont need this s---!" To which the other older man obliged him with a flurry of profanities all his own. Now...a drunken sailor would have blushed...so use your imagination about the dirtiest things two old dudes could yell at one another. Meanwhile the rest of us are out of outr game are telling them to take it outside, the kids in there were speechless...it was just horrific. The director comes in and now HE starts chatting to everyone..."its OK...so on..". I was so entirely upset by this that while the yelling was going on I blundered a knight for a pawn. I immediately went from an easy win to losing. I think I made a huge mistake by not taking a time out and having added time put on our clocks. Then we get into a never ending endgame.

    I know that chess has its nuts. I mean, this guy had anger issues and he ruined the night for everyone and ended up costing me my first game. What was I to do in such an event??! I think if anything like this EVER happens again, I'm getting the T.D. and asking for added time to the clocks and a time out period for everyone to get back into thier game. Seriously....this was my FIRST tournament game....as such, how much more can I expect this rubbish.

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    not much, ive only witnessed one scenario slightly similar to that.

    At lest you now know how to respond in those situations.

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    Wow... just... wow.

    The worst I have seen is a player responding to an onlooker who kept sniffing loudly.  He said "have you got a tissue?"... to which the sniffer retored some abuse *almost* under his breath.  

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    congrats on playing your first tournament game!

    You've got some experience under the belt to bring with you to the next one that you didn't have before last night.

    Hopefully the next won't be as "eventful" (at least for that reason.)


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