US team easts


Is anybody else going to the US team easts this weekend (Feb. 13-15) in New Jersey, or has gone before? I'm coming as the captain and board 1 (gulp) of my school team. My biggest concern is that there'll be 1800+ players on board 1 that I'll have to take on!

Also, if anyone's gone before, I have a couple of questions.

  1. How do the rosters work? Does the captain set their four-man roster at the start of every day? Also, does this count toward individual (USCF) ratings?
  2. Just wondering if the tournament is well-organised. I've e-mailed the TD with a couple of questions/team additions, and he seems pretty polite, but a tournament like this seems like an organizational nightmare.

Thanks in advance, and good luck to anyone going


I am actually playing the US Amateur Team South this weekend (as the team captain and board 1 player for my team), same format and all.

1) Yes, it does count towards the USCF ratings.

2) Of the 4 US Amateur Team events throughout the US the team East is the biggest of the 4 events. Although I have not been there personally before I have heard from any it is well directed and organized. I am sure the tournament directors and organizers can answer all of your questions.