I lost 6 games (I was largely winning of course) because the vacation option DOESN'T FCKING WORK! I took a 6 days vacation (vacation allowed in that tournament) and I lost by timeout after 3 days!! I'm still marked as 'on vacation' but still losing on time. Somebody check that lame ass option!


Report it to the staff...I once lost a match on time when i was on vacation, and got the game restored from the last position...


exact, repecmps, il m'est arrivé la même chose, signale le aux admins du site qui devrait régulariser le problème.


Same thing all over again... Another quick 2 days vacation, 6 losses on timeout... someone check that the vacation option is working. That's really ruining my chess experience on this website...


A commone error is failing to click the "Save Preferences >>" button after you've checked the vacation checkbox.  It might not be a bad idea to have that checkbox immediately spawn a pop-up confirmation and turn on vacation without the need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.


When you check the box it tells you to click save preference. The warning was big enough for me to see. I also checked my current games and it was saying "you are currently on vacation" or something similar.

One other error is to pause the games while it's my turn to play. But here again, I played all my moves before pausing the games.

Edit: other possible problem is "no vacation tournaments". Sadly, that one allows vacation.

It's definitely not working. Time for debugging...


All my opponents are on vacation? I've been hacked what can I do?



Sorry, didn't realize a 3 year old thread had been resurrected Undecided