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I have a question, how do you check your timeout radio, im a free member!


In your online games page right side column it shows

Standard games, Chess960 games, All games

If you look at the details under "All games" it shows Total games, Games in progress and Timeouts

You can see this whether your a premium or basic member :)


Can someone tell me how the tie breaker points are calculated. You have 3 players all with 5 wins and the tie breaker determines the round winner. How is it calculated?


yes its in the help page on the tournaments home :)

If 2 players in a group have the same score then both will advance. Tournament Directors can choose to use an additional tie-break method (we use the Neustadtl score) which factors in the strength of the opponents. If two players have the same score and the same Tie Break score, both will advance.

Below is an example of how the tie breaking system works:
Group #--     1           2           3             Point       Tie Break
1. Bob          X         1 1         0  1            3               4.5
2. John         0 0       X          1  0.5         1.5             2.25
3. Mary        1  0       0.5        0    X         1.5             3.75

A player's tiebreak score is calculated by adding the sum of the player's points they have defeated to half the sum of the player's points they have drawn against.

Bob won two games against John and one game against Mary. So Bob gets 2x1.5 points from John and 1.5 points from Mary, which sums up to 4.5 tiebreak points.

John won one game and drew one game against Mary. So John gets 1.5x1.5 points from Mary, which sums up to 2.25 tiebreak points.

Mary won one game against Bob and drew one game against John. So Mary gets 1x3.0 points from Bob and 0.5x1.5 points from John, which sums up to 3.75 tiebreak points.


mine says 17 18% every game i play, how much pecentage will go down?


I now have had two tourneys start on their own with the "automatically start when full" button unchecked!

One was based around starting friday Nov. 13

If chess.com comes up with sanctioned tournaments for those who have a low RD, such as (85&under), maybe that would be a more fair tourney, with better results?

Also, I have noticed that many tournaments (ex: 1000-1400) end up with players rated over 2200.  If we have a standard deviation, then this problem wouldn't exist.


Can someone explain to me how tie breaker points are determined. I tied for 1st but didn't have the tie breaker points to advance.


I'm a new entry. Please, can I play in two tournaments at the same time?


cavalloreale as a premium member you can play in as many as you like  :)


When will there be another official tourney other than the quick knockout ones?


Over the years I have played on many correspondence chess sites

I do not know why it took so long for me to find this one. 

It is really a good site to play chess.  Well put together, managed and seems to be very responsive to the members.


One thing though.  Someone up top asked if someone enters a tournament within the rating range then his rating goes over the limit "do we get kicked out." 

Some tournaments take a while to  start and if someone plays a lot of games his rating will always be in flux so how can that be helped.  On other sites the rating that you enter the tournament must be within the limits but once entered you stay entered.  How else can this be handled?  I realize that this is not "other sites" I was just using that as an example. 

May I suggest that if something needs implementation maybe you can use a +/- 100 points at tournament start.  When entering you must be within the established ratings but when the tournament starts be it a week or a month or two down the road then anyone outside of +/- 100 points are automatically ejected by some program.  Just  an idea!!



Wow this is a great website. 

I have to ask there is a upcoming tournament which has a max of 22 players and has a 2(1)->1 format.  So how would the groups work when down to 11 players?  Does one player get a bye? 


yeah, but because tie breaks don't work with groups of two, byes are almost guaranteed even if there's say, 64 players.


How do they calculate tiebreaks?

There's a bunch of #s I dont know what they mean


Can someone help me on this, please?

Where do I learn about how to play in (on-line) tournament (here at chess.com)?

Is it like internet chess (where we have a few days to play 1 move)?

OR do we have to finish all games in 1 session (like LIVE chess)?

Sorry, this may be a stupid question... but I am quite new here :-(


One more question :  What does something like "2(1)->1 format" mean? 


the tournaments are turn based, ranging from 1 day to move to 14 days to move.


I'm pretty sure it means:

group size(concurrent games per opponent)-># of players advancing to next round

If there is a + at the end, then tie breaks aren't being used.


Hi! i entered in a tournament... but he dont start instantly... must to wait... so, i want to renounce at tournament .... can be? if yes, how? Thanks!