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  • #201

    Are you saying you want to quit the tournament before it starts?

    There should be a button on the right side of the screen to do that.

  • #202

    Very thanks! i saw the button... is in Tournament Options... :)

  • #203

    I posted this probably in the wrong area so I am going to try it here and hopefully get some help:

    I read the article on how to start tournaments but cant seem to get one started.  I have started a tournament and my status is REGISTRATION.  Why cant I find my tournament in the upcomming tournaments page.  I searched for NO VACATION tournaments for a quick find cause I am running a no vacation tourney, no luck.  I tried clicking start tournament but it says I need at least 3 people to start.  Can other people see my listing so they can join?  What am I doing wrong?

  • #204

    Rolos05 once you have created a tournament, go into the tournaments page, and yours will appear at the top of the page under the heading

    "Tournaments I Am Currently Directing"

  • #205

    I have seen it there and the status is registration.  Do I need to do anything further or just wait for people to join.  Also, why cant I see it in the upcoming tournaments page?   Thanks Kohai for your help.

  • #206

    Just wait for people to join now. You have it set to auto start, so it'll begin once the required amount of players have joined.

    In the tournaments page, from top of the same page going downward;

    Tournaments i am currently directing

    My current tournaments

    my completed tournaments

    Current tournaments

    Upcoming tournaments

    They are all in that order from top of the page going down, you just need to scroll down the page to see them all.

  • #207

    I created a tournament (for the first time) and I want to delete because it is not what I wanted. Can't find a place where to do this. Please help.

  • #208

    Skand, go into the tournaments page, top of the page where it says "tournaments i am currently directing".

    Click on the name of the tournament you want to delete.

    This opens the page for you to edit. As long as the tournament hasn't already started, on the right side menu options, it says "delete/cancel tournamant"

  • #209

    Found it ?

  • #210
    kohai wrote:

    Found it ?

     Yes, thanks. (I should have tracked this forum topic when I asked the question - was waiting for an alert, mistakenly).

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    How can I make a tournament "invite only" for my group?

  • #212

    Don't bother! Got it - it was in the same place.

  • #213

    I suggest to the chess. com staff this option for this wonderfull site. : It would be nice to have the option to be able to remove from the tounaments listing the ones we do not want to be listed in or tournaments menu.After a while , I get confused with the tournaments I am still in and I want to track and the ones I got eliminated and I have no interest to follow. Confused? Since September, I had registered for about 30 tournaments and got eliminated so far from about 20. I do not wish to track the ones I am out, so It will be nice to be able to remove them. Like this I will not be confused with the ones I am still in.

  • #214

    If your in a group of two and both players win one match each do both players advance? 

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  • #216

    I do not understand the tournament format system.  What does 6(2)->1 or 2(1)->1 mean?  Thanks in advance!

  • #217
    rootbeersloat wrote:

    I do not understand the tournament format system.  What does 6(2)->1 or 2(1)->1 mean?  Thanks in advance!

    Erik wrote (in post #76):

     the first number is how many people are in a group. the second number is how many games they play at once per person (either 1, or 2). the third is how many people advance to the next round.

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    Thanks for the info!

  • #219

    Comment faire pour s'inscrire à un tournoi

  • #220

    translator gives:

    "How to register for a tournament"

    I assume he/she is asking how they can enter a tournament.


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