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in an open tournament how do the pairings work? would a 1200 player be paired against a 1750 player? 

i am new to the site but wold like to try a tournament.


@gunzzzy . . . in tournament pairings you usuaully see a variety of ratings in each group, so yes, a 1200 can be paired against a 1750. You might want to try a tournament with ratings that are less than 1400 or 1500 first to get started. There are a lot of tournaments like this. For instance, look for a tournament that says <1400 (less than 1400) in the rating requirement. An open tournament will allow anyone with any rating to enter. Good luck.


thanks dr mac...ill try it


If is the first player in tournament removed,elimineted or withdrew where is advance 3 of 6,  is that means that 4.place is 3.; 3.place is 2. and 2. place is first ???


Can someone please provide me a link that describes how these tournaments work? I'm kinda lost ....




Thank you, Kohai!


Does Erik still intend to have a live tourney leaderboard?


Yes hopefully.

jay wrote:

Please use this forum category to post all your ideas/questions/comments/etc about tournaments. We hope you enjoy the new feature...and the new forum!

Please, could you tell me in Matches 25´ + 5´, how many minutes  would be generally the total time game to finish


Im sure this topis has already been adressed but...

Just played in a Blitz-Tourney had alread 5 of 6 Games won and the last game was pretty over soon. So while waiting I opend another Firefox-Window and started to post something in a forum. Well got pretty much sucked in and did not realize, that match 7 started.

Got kicked out of Tourney and Match after half of the time... Well as you can imagine - I was very very angry... - even with my 5 of 7 i probably would have get a trophy...

I understand that you want to protect the integrity of the game and the enjoyment of the other players with this policy. But men it cant really be that hard, to implement a warning signal, when I miss my move for 20% of the match time. And in case of blitz and faster tournaments I think the other players would not mind, to wait 5min to get a point and to have the other player kicked out of the tournament.

And a player that got kicked out should be able to get a trophy, when his ranking during the tourney was high enough... He has proven something! You know!

So that was just my litte black pawn. Have fun guys and think about it ;-)

Thanks, but I was looking for this topic in all the posts and there isn´t any comment about my question

Please, could you tell me in Matches 25´ + 5´, how many minutes  would be generally the total time game to finish


Great online chess tournaments!


Hi and good luck to everyone at this tournament!

I have a doubt about it....could anyone explain me how the tiebreak works?



Tie-Brakes rules are very complicated. Its nearly unpossible to calculate.

In my tournament -new kid on the block- i found out the slow player will given advantages.

Because the start very late und setting on last ranking. So the play mostly from lower rank to

higher rank. In such a way the earning more points. I made this experience as a quick response player,

because i made 21/22 games with 1-open game 12W-9L-0D with 81_TBpoints. The late starter and very slow

Player has just 7/22 games with 15-open games 5W-2L-0D with 50_TBpoints. So slow player earning from

lower ranking and control all other and let them waiting over months to come ready with tournament.

Hat can be chess-like. It should be in the opposite way, quick-response player should have bonus-point.

Therefore the Tie-Brake rules are very unfair and not to understand with her hidden calculation.


You are wrong Andreas.

Tie break points update with each completed game, so it makes no difference when the games are completed.


If you with full intention slow and longwaiting tactic you will be on longwaiting rank. Then you earn more points because you play mostly against higher rank player. At my first tournament -new kid on theblock-

12-player we started 6-weeks ago nearly all player finished but only 2-player controls the whole field.

My results of 21/22 games 12W-9L-0D, 84TB-points. 1-open game, rank-4 as a quick-response player.

Player dracksdman 8/22 games 6W-2L-0D, 51TB-points. 14-open games now rank-10 as very slow player.

He play mostly against higher ranking player so he earns more TB-points as all the other. Hat can no alright.

It has to be in the opposite way quick-response should have higher points. So the very complicated calcula-

tion is hidden unfair Rule and to becorrected. It is a rule for timewasting player.