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    RENNY...I understand..obviously scared u off ;-)

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    Hello, Renny! Are you challenge me or other people? And Deathwish you're supporting to Renny? If it is correct, Why don't you both try me. Otherwise, ignore my writing.

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    i have challenged u deathwish now tell me

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    accepted moe----i know he is a high flyer but i will try......nit...i have accepted your challenge...read my chat :-) Renny is obviously all mouth and trousers lol

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    Oh! Now I know Renny challenge to Deathwish. :P

    Sorry for my poor English, Renny.

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    I was wondering if anyone can explain for me why higher ranked players are able to start in lower graded tournaments; for example there are currently 33 players on 1300+ in the 19th Chess.com 1001-1200 group. I thought the rankings were sorted into the correct grades before the tournament starts? How do the high rated players get into a lower rated group? Thank you.

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    Those players were in the rating range when the tournament started. However, they've won a lot of games since then, so their rating has changed since then.

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    Anyone know how to host unlimited competitor match...the most it allows me is 100...grateful to neone for advice...DW

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    I noticed on the tournament points leader-board there are two guys with over 2000 points and yet they have only played in 1 tournament, and one guy with over 3000 who hasn't played in any!...how come?

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    How can we view the trophies we have won in tournaments??

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    I have a doubt, if you registered in a tournament of 100 players and there are several groups and Each move has upto 5 days time, then typically such a tournament would run for like 1 yr to finish just the group stage matches??? 

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    knadi: You are quite correct. Large tournaments do take a long time to finish, especially if players take vacations.

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    Puchiko- how does taking a vacation affect the tournament. In the middle of a game can a player simply take a vacation for a month?

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    Deathwish, thats the limit sorry. Only staff can create unlimited and those are for official tournaments.

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    How can I leave the tournament if I registered exidently?

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    jinnymer wrote:

    How can I leave the tournament if I registered exidently?


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    I want to see flag in player information on tournaments pages.

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    My friend waited for the promise of the organizers of this tournament.


    can anyone help?

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    hi, ive just entered my 1st tournament, playing my opponent as black an white i.e 2 games, i resigned from 1 since i was bound to lose, however, the other game was fairly equal, why was i resigned from both games?, thanx.

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    Hi there. Could someone please recommend or set up a tournament for beginners ?

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