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Is there any tournament I can enter with a time-out rate of 50 percent??


i have a question, if i and somebody else will finish the group with the same number o points, and i have a lower rating than he does, who's gonna go further?



    I am new to this site and so far I like it. My question is about having a tournament created for geographical location. Is it possible?

werqeA_Berset wrote:

Is there any tournament I can enter with a time-out rate of 50 percent??

Yes, some special ones do, and the title will help you with that decision.


I mistakenly enrolled in two chess.com tournys. One for 1600 - 1800 and then later 1400 - 1600.  My rating now fits 1400 - 1600. Will I be eliminated fron the 1600 - 1800 without showing up twice on the 1400 - 1600.  thanks, scut


Would there much appeal in optionally allowing a breathing space (of a day, say) between the end of the first game and the start of the second game -  when the two games are not concurrent?


Would it be possible to invite a whole group to a tourney you have created for that group? instead of either having to invite 450 members or constantly delete members who dont read the 'team england only' text and enter mistakenly?


I've got the Women v Men tournament starting over at We Chat Global. I want six women v six men...but I've got seven women in one: is there a way to kick players off the roster before it starts?

Or should I just ask someone to leave?



Question on the Quick Knock-Out tournaments.  It specified that your average time per move must be under three hours.  My question is this; does that refer to your current average time per move or does it refer to the average time per move in the tournament?


I'm in the 4th Chess.com Quick Knockouts (<1000) tournament in group 5.

There are 3 games left in our group and I'm in all of them. If I win 1 of the games there will be a tie in points and a tie in the tie break. Only one person can advance, so how is it decided?



this may sound like a silly question to anyone reading but i am totally confused with tiebreak in a tourney how does it work as sometimes a player lower can have a higher tie break score .

please help confused   jules Undecided


if there is a tie on points and on tie breaks then both players advance



what ever uis agreed upon I'm happy with - need time to absorb what goes onwihin this group


Hi everybody,


I am just creating a Tournament, I would like to set 5 groups to advance 3 members per each one.

The questios is: Can I establish new groups in the second stage or is going to be ones against one another?

Thank a lot 


you sould not be able to go on extended vacation during a tournament. Some in our tournament went on vacation for a month, lost some games do to time, made a few moves and go back on vacation. holding up the whole tournament and they have no chance to win. rethink the whole vacation thing.


There's a fault in the calculation in the 7th chess.com Tournament 1800-2000 for player Lebeast

how can he get 3.5 points when he won 3 times and 2 draw, in his pairing he also hasn't played 2 draw but only 1

 Lebeast (1896) 3-1-2 3.5 8.25



ANYONE i have a 800-1500 rated tourny, but it seems ANYONE can join, why is this???



1) Alternate tiebreak methods would be good such as allowing the lower ranked player to progress in the result of a tie.

2) Also allowing us to choose how many games each player plays against each other as I'd quite like to do a match style knockout tournament where each player plays 8 games against each other with the winner progressing to the next round.


This is just an idea...

If we want to view all the upcoming tournaments, it would be easier if there is a tournament option where we can search for tournaments suitable for our rating. Just like how there is an option of find a group by typing a keyword in the All Groups and Teams, there should be an option for tournaments where you can type an particular rating.

Eg. If I type <1500, then all the tournaments below the rating range of 1500 will appear making it easier to find tournaments to join.