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what happened

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    yesterday i entered a tournament in the first round i was white and made one move then won by default because the other player failed to move during the game. round 2 black game started again i won because the opponent failed to move during the game. i then checked the standing i was joint 1st with 3 others with a record of 2/2. third round started my game was loading when suddenly up popped a message saying my opponent had won on time ,odd i thought but i checked the standings 7th my last opponent was 1st record 3/3 my record 2/3 then i realised that the fourth round was starting and seventh place had been elimenated ,i looked again at the standing while the others where playing the player in 5th after the third round had a record of 1/3 and so did the player in sixth place so how had i been in seventh and out of the tournament . can anyone shed some light   

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    46 views and no one comments ,does this mean none of you that have viewed this understand what happened either? 

    i know i didnt deserve to be joint first as i had never actually played but that wasnt my fault , perhaps i was eliminated for that reason thats ok if thats the case ,perhaps the guys in 5th and 6th had both played the games they had won and not won by default,i just think it could have been made clear as to why i was eliminated.

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    It must be a 5-minutes blitz live tournament right? A quick glance to your recent games reveals that your opponent won- game abadonned. This means you've had probably a disconnection problem which must explain your loss. A abadonned game brings an auto-withdrawal for the player at cause to prevents falsified results. I know all this, same has happened to me at least two times.

    Well that's how I see it...

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    thanks fralnp yes it was and that makes total sense,  its just annoying 3 games and never actually got to play.


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