What week is Player's League in?


So the first players to reach the Champion League can win some pretty hefty cash prizes. I've been playing nonstop chess through the phone app to try to qualify for that (since you only win trophies/can't lose them and players still get matched with players of a similar skill. The tournament seems to mostly be about who has the most free time to play games. This made me think since I have a ton of free time I could win).

I thought I caught the tournament on the first week, but now logging into the website rather than the phone app it looks like I might of been unaware a week too late. I also figured the tournament started on the date of the article I found which lists the prizes (Dec 30) was posted, but I think that publication date is a week after the first tournament? Too bad they didn't advertise it more clearly I guess.

I moved up to silver rank today, but am I right in thinking the people who still have a chance of getting these prizes would of moved up to crystal today (1/16/22)?

H4lloow33nF4ce wrote:

am I right in thinking the people who still have a chance of getting these prizes would of moved up to crystal today (1/16/22)?

Yes, I believe that's correct.

Estimates are that the first week of players into champion will only be in the mid 20s... and therefore it will not start (all players will have zero trophies until there are 50 in a division). So the players who started 1 week late will then be entered into the same division when they qualify and will compete in champion league with the players who started the first week.


A few pieces of advice...

I notice you're not playing in arenas. Playing in arenas gives you bonus trophies. There is no reason to not play in arenas.

Playing in bullet arenas give more trophies per time played since bonus trophies are equal to arena points.
Arena points are proportional to games played and you play more games per given time when the time control is shorter.

The people who win will have more than just free time. You have to realize some basic strategy (like I outline above) and you'll probably have to sacrifice your sleep i.e. it's certainly possible for someone to play 20 hours in a single day, it's just not healthy.

Additionally, I predict the first 50 people into champion league will contain a disproportionate number of titled players. Why? Because when you're rated 2600 in an arena, you have a good chance to have longer win streaks (because there will be so few peers). While 500s are playing 500, and 1800s are playing 1800s, the 2600 will be playing people much lower rated more often... win streaks (especially in arena) are proportional to number of trophies earned per time.

And as a tip, if you can't make at least 10k trophies in a week (average of about 1400 trophies per day) then you shouldn't get your hopes up for winning a "heafty cash prize."

But of course you can play for fun, and you might even win some money at the end. Good luck happy.png


Thanks that is very helpful. I assumed that with 7 million registered users there would be so many divisions that only people who play the first week and advance every week would have a chance, good to hear that second week starters are estimated to still have a shot. I guess only three people advancing even in such a large pool is enough to make second week players still eligible?

The arena tip is helpful, I tried to suss out some basic strategy like if playing 3min, 5 min, or 10 min games might result in better returns, but since I'm new I can't win at shorter games. I'll look into what arena is. I was wondering if champion level leagues would be (what you call title players) the kind of players who have such a high score that they are less accustom to losing.  I thought it might be more true that chess is probably the world's most popular game so outside of grandmasters (who I wonder if they are really incentivized to spend their time on a tournament less emphasizing skill and so much about time) I assumed there are many people to match with at even the highest level. And yeah of course winning anything would mean barley sleeping the last few weeks.

10k trophies in a week is good to know as a benchmark, haven't spent all my time playing yet because up through silver it's been very easy to advance, but I was figuring around crystal is where that will start being hard.

In any case the whole thing is pretty fun and has gotten me to move past just trying to keep my pieces safe and having some small idea of what is good logic in progressing pieces to trying to learn some openings and adapt that to how the other player responds. I'm still absolutely atrocious at the moment, but it's fun learning.


WAIT WHAT.... IM 2 WEEKS LATE????? bruhhhhhhhhh..... I'm in bronze =( 




IIRC there were only ~2.4 million in the first week in wood. So that means a minimum of 20 would advance to champion the first week it's available.

Since there are ties, more advance. Since ties are less common in later leagues, it was better to wait until about now to give a more accurate estimate. My current estimate is 27.

JLGaming_YT wrote:

WAIT WHAT.... IM 2 WEEKS LATE????? bruhhhhhhhhh..... I'm in bronze =( 



Your account is about 3 months old and you've played 500 games... no offense, but I don't think you had a chance lol happy.png

There are freaks who play 10 hours a day, every day, for the last 10 years... they don't even know leagues exist and they've been advancing.

You need that kind of dedication + a strategy for even a shred of hope of making some money... so starting late isn't a big deal.


Guys you can check other leagues as well

I just dont know how some are in crystal...


some ppl just have all day to get trophies