Where are MY Tournaments?!



Hello my fellow chess.com members and group/team members and friends,

This is a post from another member from Dec 2010, of which I ask the same...

"I posted a Thread in General Chess Discussion Forum but didn't get relevant answer despite that 53 members have viewed the said Post.  I am reposting the thread in this Forum in the hope that I might get the proper answer to my query:

Does anyone know as to how I can track my upcoming Tournaments (in which I am Registered but yet to be started) from MY Home or Tournaments' Home Page?"....


The member had over 90+ views and 3 responses I think that he further indicated DID NOT WORK!

I tried the same advice and found the same! Nothing!

There has got to be an EASY WAY to click 1 or 2 links to see and keep track of just what tourney's that you are in?! No?!

I've checked "play/Tournaments" etc...NOTHING.

I've clicked the advice given in that post, 3 months ago for this person, went to "My Home/Tournaments/Home (link within Tournaments", seeing "Current/Upcoming/Completed" and the data following beneath, and NOT A SINGLE ONE APPLIES TO ME AND THE TOURNAMENTS I JOINED based on INVITES from my Teams/Groups.

Does ANY ONE CARE whether an excited member of the site/team/group gets an important PLAYING TOURNAMENTS question answered? So that they can be "a part of" and PLAY?!

Can someone PLEASE take the time to answer this simple question so that players like myself don't start to feel alienated from all of this, and that groups/teams are ONLY interested in their own Super Admin egos, and NOT in their members and their ability to play in these VOLUNTARY Tournaments themselves.

Also, the site is the best!

HOWEVER, why ISN'T "MY TOURNAMENTS/Current/Upcoming/Completed" displaying the proper indicated information???

I'm GOOD at computers, and cannot for the life of me find this crucial data regarding MY PERSONAL ACTIONS in joining Tournaments? When they start? etc...

I have not ONCE been able to find even MY USER NAME involved in a "search" into ANY of the SEVERAL Tournaments I joined within the last 24-48 hours!

Again, I ask for help....PLEASE!

If I have misconstrued the ONE bit of info I was able to locate on this question, I aplogize, I JUST WANT TO COMPETE, HAVE FUN, AND KNOW THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY GIVE A HOOT!


Thank you all!

I will keep the faith here and expect an appropriate CORRECT solution to this KEY question ASAP.

Take care and thanks!


P.S. I have posted this in the General comments section as well as I have Tournaments I signed up for and can't even find them! Thanks again! 


PLAY -> Tournaments. Scroll down to My Upcoming Tournaments.

It works for me.

(If you don't have any upcoming tournaments, this section of the tournaments information display won't exist.)


btw 'view all My Completed Tournament' still isn't working. Posted a thread about this in 30th of Dec 2010.

kco wrote: btw 'view all My Completed Tournament' still isn't working. Posted a thread about this in 30th of Dec 2010.

What's the problem with it?


it doesn't show my completed tournament.

kco wrote: it doesn't show my completed tournament.

Are you positive that that tournament IS complete? Does it show up under My Tournaments?


yes I am positive, it only show my last 10 completed tournament but not the rest of it by clicking on 'view all my..'   


kohai is aware of this but told me is somewhere on 'the list' to be fix.



From your homepage, click on the Tournaments link on the right side menu options.

This is what you should then see on your page


which ones are missing ?

kohai wrote:


From your homepage, click on the Tournaments link on the right side menu options.

This is what you should then see on your page


which ones are missing ?

EVERY ONE, First, thanks for your responses! ;)

To Kohai,

I have the same info as the link.

HOWEVER, I have not been in ANY of these! LOL

Frankly, I tried to participate in one 3 months ago, asked the same question, and got nothing.

S, I wanted to try again, signed up for like 3-4 tournies through my various groups/team invites, and as stated, NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

NOW, I'm nervous my new friends/teamates are gonna think I'm just a flake. LOL

What can I do?!

I don't see my name anywhere in these.

Also, there is no "MY..." anything.

I look forward to your response as I may be missing games already!



Kohai, BTW, on even closer inpection, the page you posted contains EXACTLY the same tournies that had showed in my screen at one point in time, and still several of the same.

Does this help?

Thanks again!


Are these actual tournaments you joined or group/team matches? (as they are on completely different pages)


Hi Kohai!

They are group/team matches that I received invites to.

I didn't realize there was any difference! 

Maybe getting closer here!

OK, I joined a "match" through a team I'm on called "Ice and fire" vs. "THE POWER OF CHESS". The match is named "friends". It shows me as playing against a one "dreman147" from Nigeria.

Is there any way you could tell me how to find this one as a test, and hopefully a solution?

Thanks Kohai!




In a tournament, the person creating it can either leave it open for anyone to join or invite specific people. You are placed into a group and play one game against each within that group. The winner goes onto the next round.


When you group, the super admin can create a team match vs another group. Once you join that team match, you only play two games against one person only. (one as black, one as white)

This shows 'your groups'  http://www.chess.com/groups/mygroups.html

Within each group, on the right side menu options panel there is a link that shows 'Team Matches'. This shows all that that specific group is playing in.

Also, with team matches, if you look on your current online games page, it'll show you there which group you're playing the team match with.


OK, great, but is there a single page that shows ALL of my TEAM/GROUP MATCHES?

As "Tournaments" does?

Now that I see the difference between the two, surely I don't have to remember every single match I'm in off hand, right? 

OR, have to go to EACH INDIVIDUAL group/team I'm on and then try and find which games are in, right?

So, I think I'm almost there with this. :)

I just need to know how I would get to the page that shows me ALL of where and WHICH team/group matches I'm in, etc?

Like you clarified for me, "Tournaments" is completely different with a different link and page, which I now know how to get to. ;)

So, if you could address these final couple of questions I'd very much appreciate it.

If I'm still misunderstanding something, please tell me. But, I think I'm right with you to this point as I have been verifying the links you've instructed me about etc...but still haven't found that ONE SINGLE PAGE with ALL MY team matches on.

You have been a HUGE help to me to this point! Laughing




There isn't a page that shows collectively all of the team matches you have joined or finished sorry :(


You're not alone in requesting a single summary page for Team Matches ...


artfizz wrote:

You're not alone in requesting a single summary page for Team Matches ...


Ahhhhh, I see. Well, good news is 2 of matches ARE being played! Laughing Yeah!

Second, maybe if staff and the "powers that be" see enough concern for certain links and pages to be available for what can be HUNDREDS  of games at a time, never mind ARCHIVES! they'll create one.

All in good time, hopefully! Laughing

A HUGE THANKS to all, and especially to Kohai with her timely, near real time "chat support!" Wink Kudos for your help!

AND to artfizz TOO! Who hjelped me even in PM!

Thanks guys!



Happy to help   Smile


Oh yeah, one final note as I am now SEEING AND PLAYING a couple matches....

I noticed that even if you join a match and ARE ACCEPTED, you CAN STILL be "kicked out" ofv the match if stronger players join to even out the match!

You become a "benchwarmer'.



That's probably part of the reason a few matches I joined never showed up!

I must be "ridin the pine!" Surprised

Guess I'll just have to get my numbers up!