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Withdrawing from a tournament

  • #1

    I'm in a tournament where we are all waiting on one guy to finish his games.  He makes a move every five days, and still has three games remaining out of four after nearly 8 months of the first round.  Needless to say, I am growing impatient.

    Is my rating affected at all if I withdraw from a tournament?  Or is it consequence free if I have no games remaining from the current round?

  • #2

    Your rating wont be affected since you have finished all of your games in the current round.

  • #3

    Laughinghi, DVD Reader: Does that mean you don't have to do anything to withdraw from a tournament when you are waiting for the next round?

  • #4

    You just have to click the withdraw button.

  • #5

    I just withdrew from a tournament but was considered "lost" to all the ten games when the second round started! Could the manager of this tournament correct this mistake?!

  • #6

    My rating dropped more than 150 because of my withdrawal from a tournament before its second round started. How can I let the manager of this tournament know this?

  • #7

    The manager won't do any good (he is a regular player, and has no effect on pairings/etc). Contact Kohai or Help & Support at the bottom of this page.

    According to rules, you can withdraw before second round starts.. I have no idea why you were handed losses in the second round.


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