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Women's World Chess Championship of 2013

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    It never hurt Judit to ignore these events, and Hou probably has the potential to compete in top open events. I agree, she may not bother.

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    kiwi wrote:

    Are there any games on today? @Charlotte, Sisu? I have no means of ways to follow this tournament without this forum thread :/

    Yes, I think there is a game today.

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    Game 7 just started. Will it be the last of the match?

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    Anna looks safe, but she needs to win!

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    One thing I'm happy to see is that Anna isn't using big chunks of time over a position as of yet.

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    Looks like this will be over already today.

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    So +4 -0 =3 is the final result, very easy for Hou and it really looked as if the difference between the players was even bigger than ratings suggested.

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    Congratulations to Hou Yifan, the rightful ladies World Champ !

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    Wow! Great match by Yifan Hou!! I feel bad for Anna Ushenina, who is a much better opponent than the score would indicate if you play through her games in last year's championship tournament and this year's match against Peter Svidler(#17 in the world).

    Yifan wins her second of three matches this year (winning #43 David Navara in tiebreaks in June, and losing to #54 Alexei Shirov in tiebreaks in August). Her rating is now 2620.

    Congratulations Yifan!Smile

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    Wow, this lady is some match player.

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    Congrats to Hou Yifan!

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    The No. of games played in this match was indirectly propotional to the No. of Ushenina fans present in this forum !

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    In 7 games, Hou Yifan displayed devastating form with 4 wins and 3 draws. Anna could not even salvage a win. This shows that Yifan is a " First Among Equals ".

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    thanks to everyone who's been involved in the thread, i've enjoyed your company!

    and congrats to Yifan Hou, a great Champion

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    Thank you for hosting this thread, Charlotte! Too bad the game times made it impossible for me to follow live, but this thread gave a little taste of it:)

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    it was a pleasure Sharon. i think the times of the Carlsen-Anand match in November are slightly better for people in the USA, from what i've made out they will start around 5.30 AM Eastern

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