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World Championship Match Question

  • #1

    They play on an electronic board, so why do they have to kepp track of moves on paper??!!


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    Electronics have been known to succumb to various illnesses ... did you see the 4th game live, where a major blunder by Anand in the endgame was electronically relayed to the whole world, a bright red move and an immediate value of -9.5 for him? He hadn´t played it.

  • #3

    I guess notating your games is something that will eventually go, maybe 20 years, maybe 100 years......

  • #4

    huh, wow thats interesting McHeath, I didn't hear about that, here in Australia, It starts at 7:30, so i can't watch the full game if I hope to make school the next day, so I hear about the results online. Thanks!!

  • #5

    It was this move, 59.Rb8 (wrong) instead of 59.Ra8+. The chat rooms exploded ... I´m not sure why it´s so catastrophic, can anyone help? (Annotations by Mark Crowther/The Week In Chess)


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