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@Brypin If u want to study with him, one thing Lichess definately has over chess.com is the feature to create studies. Might wanna have a look at this as you can create multiple games inside a same study, which is saved and can be reviewed and downloaded.
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@SophisticatedGeniusII thank you. He just turned 9 so he wants to show me how good he is. I only hesitate because he just could be better than me even now! I appreciate your help. I will give it a try. I would love to use the screen like Levy (gothemchess) and Anna do to work teaching him.
Friend Request him and then when you go to play vs friend you can challenge him
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HELP from anyone here. How would I invite my nephew (another state) to join me on a board like Anna does with Michelle? He and I want to work on openings and study games and be able to talk, show arrows, so on. Please!
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