Bughouse World Championship

7 oct. 2020
Jan 15, 2023
Jan 8, 2023
Dec 20, 2022
yea i know
Dec 20, 2022
Premover the top seed in our group ended up winning the whole thing
Dec 19, 2022
I forgot about this
Single Elimination Stage has started! All the information here

Single Elimination Stage has started! All the informati...

FM 1800_strength | 1 nov. 2022
Congratulations to everyone who has qualified for the final stage of the Bughouse World Championship! From here on out the format will be a Single-Elimination Knockout Bracket, with 8 teams remaining in the Open Section and 16 teams left in the Challengers Section.  Those in the Challengers section can now start scheduling their Round 1 match. Pairings can be found here: https://bit.ly/Bughouse2022Challengers For those in the Open Section, this week is a bye week and a chance to finish matc...
The last few days of the Group Stage are among us!

The last few days of the Group Stage are among us!

FM 1800_strength | 27 oct. 2022
Attention all competitors: Sunday, October 30th marks the final day of group stage play so please complete your matches before then. Remember to post all scheduled matches to the scheduling forum at least 6 hours in advance of your match and complete the result reporting form after your match is finished. If a match is not played by the deadline, the arbiters will award the win to the team that made a greater effort to schedule the match, so be sure to check your group chats regularly as you ...
Group Stage has begun! All the information here

Group Stage has begun! All the information here

FM 1800_strength | 14 oct. 2022
Hello!  To those who qualified, welcome to the second stage of BWC!  The format is a group stage in which 2 teams will advance from each group of 4 teams. You can check your group here:https://bit.ly/Bughouse2022Open https://bit.ly/Bughouse2022Challengers Note for the Open section:  Groups A and C have been finalized - Fumitoks + terra87 have defeated Lalo-S + Nuttysac to secure a spot in the group stage! If you are in the Open section, the match format is best of 16 (first to 9) with a wi...
Qualifiers are halfway done! Update with dates and times

Qualifiers are halfway done! Update with dates and time...

NM nochewycandy | 5 oct. 2022
Hello everyone!  The first half of the qualifying stage is complete - congratulations to the 8 Open teams and 16 Challenger teams that have qualified to groups.   Check this sheet to see who has qualified so far: [https://bit.ly/Bughouse2022Players] Apologies for the lack of an update: We've extended the registration deadline for the event - registration now closes in 20 hours.  Please try to register before 10/6 in your timezone.  If you have a partner and want to register, you can still s...
Open qualifier 2 and Challengers qualifier 3 starting soon!

Open qualifier 2 and Challengers qualifier 3 starting s...

FM 1800_strength | 2 oct. 2022
Hello everyone! The third Challengers Qualifier and the second Open Qualifier begin in one hour! The Swiss tournament format worked better than the arenas, but it was not perfect either: the number of rounds is auto adjusted to fit the number of players.  This means that we can't guarantee the tournament will last for 10 rounds - rather, the length of the tournament depends on the number of entrants. While we ran into unexpected difficulties in the first and second qualifiers, we have still...
Important UPDATE to the Qualifiers

Important UPDATE to the Qualifiers

FM 1800_strength | 1 oct. 2022
Apologies everyone for the lack of games in Qualifier 1 and a big thank you to those of you who stuck through to the end. Due to some technical difficulties, players were at one point unable to get a game for almost 20 minutes. However, despite all of the pauses, players were able to play games for at least 60 minutes, so the results of the qualifier will be counted towards the 32 spots in the Challengers section. For the rest of the tournament, all qualifier tournaments in both Open and Cha...
Qualifiers begin TODAY!

Qualifiers begin TODAY!

NM nochewycandy | 1 oct. 2022
Hello everyone!   The Bughouse World Championship is about to begin!  Today is the first day of qualifiers.  Today, as on each day of this weekend and the next, there are 2 Challengers qualifiers and 1 Open qualifier.   Challenger Qualifier 1 (starts 9am PT/4pm UTC): [https://www.chess.com/play/arena/2147913] Challenger Qualifier 2 (starts 5pm PT/12am UTC): [https://www.chess.com/play/arena/2147910] Open Qualifier 1 (starts 5pm PT/12am UTC): [https://www.chess.com/play/arena/2147914] In o...
Registration for the 2022 BWC is open!

Registration for the 2022 BWC is open!

FM 1800_strength | 22 sept. 2022
We’re excited to announce the 2022 Bughouse World Championships! The format has been upgraded from last year, and details including rules and regulations can be found here. Interested in winning a share of the $5,000 prize pool? Register here before October 4! The first round of qualifiers start on October 1.Below is some additional information you may find useful: 🗓️  Dates:September 11: Start of registrations October 4: End of registrations October 1: Start of qualifiers 🏆  BracketsOpen...