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18 mai 2019
Il y a 3 h
Was it smart of him to advertise in here? Maybe that's the whole point. Power. And power plays. Spam the notes and demonstrate that nothings going to happen. I've seen it zillions of times. Cause: somebody very influential and persuasive saying "I don't care about notes" and others falling for it.
3 days and he is done!
Il y a 5 h
@LuisEnriqueEstenssoro is closed. Its got the red abuse X for closed on it. LMP is right. Wow ! He uses the same 'ssoro' names and joins over 100 clubs and advertises himself here?
Il y a 5 h
Hi, I would like to be able to sort clubs on member number and daily chess rating distribution. How do I do that?
Il y a 17 h
We won!!!! @LuisEnriqueEstenssoro LOL