The Great And Extraordinary Chess Club

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31 janv. 2023
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Motivate. Give members new ideas that they can work with!

Encourage. Always encourage each other no matter what!

Ownership. Respect others and yourself! All members follow club rules!

Win. Just have fun with chess in this club! ~@Dragonwings211 (with permission of @Scemer)

Welcome to The Great and Extraordinary Chess Club! In this club, you can chat, friend others, show your games, etc

We are not a perfect club, we never said it was. We would be happy if you would join us. We understand that you may be skeptical, thinking 'that's what all clubs say.' However, our club holds a genuine appreciation for every member, valuing them for who they are rather than solely focusing on the member count. We genuinely believe that everyone has something unique to offer and contribute to our incredible community. While we hate to sound like the typical persuasive club, we would be thrilled if you decided to join us. Your presence would undoubtedly enrich our community even further, and we're confident that you'll discover meaningful ways to make a difference within our club. So, click that green join button to make our club a better, extraordinary chess community! ~ @Scemer

Please invite your friends, have fun, and chat with others. Join Matches, tournaments, and Vote chess games!

Important Members

R.I.P. @Ehm42 also known as @QuantumVerse100 (founder of this club)

"There is no immortality, but the memory that is left in the minds of men."

@Anirudh_23 Best at carrying us at Vote Chess.

NM @Blitz rarest username on

Other masters (me crying that I am 300 points away from NM)

@KNSR0207 active forum poster

@Kyu_13 invited us to be a part of his UCN (largest project made on







We have 12 titled players:

CM @Witty_Alien

NM @Blitz

NM @DraningWaterHi

WIM @VitaChess79

CM @wOOkash888

NM @HighPlains

FM @TanitoluwaAps116

NM @DoubleSik

WIM @OutpostQueen


IM @MrChampion_Coach

CM @ChesStar  



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