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The Great British Empire.

The Great British Empire.

Internationally Fondé le: 21 févr. 2013
Membres : 428
The Great British Empire is an international club, who welcome chess players from all round the world, of all nationalities and all chess abilities. We are a competitive team, and expect all our members to enter team matches. Because of this we prefer members who are not in too many teams, and we avoid members with a record of timing out. If you are interested in joining a multi-national team, and if you are keen on playing to win while having a laugh, then we are the team for you!


  • En ligne il y a 57 min

    Gordon Brown | Ayr, Écosse

    Adhésion le: 22 févr. 2013

  • En ligne il y a 8 h

    Andy Fletcher | Calne, Angleterre

    Adhésion le: 28 déc. 2013

  • En ligne il y a 2 h

    Beniy Waisanen | Fullerton, États-Unis

    Adhésion le: 18 déc. 2013

  • En ligne il y a 1 h

    Colin Keith | Surrey, Royaume-Uni

    Adhésion le: 10 juil. 2013

  • En ligne

    Matt Sutton | Balsall Common, Warwickshire, Royaume-Uni

    Adhésion le: 30 mars 2017

  • En ligne

    John | Worthing, Angleterre

    Adhésion le: 16 avr. 2015

  • En ligne il y a 41 min

    alan frost | macduff, Royaume-Uni

    Adhésion le: 23 avr. 2013

  • En ligne Jul 21, 2017

    Bobby Fischer | Norfolk, Royaume-Uni

    Adhésion le: 2 mai 2015


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