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Hi everyone! I am a 10 year old chess player from Atlanta, Georgia. My favorite things to do/follow are Chess, Running, Football,and Politics. I started doing chess in Spring of 2017 when I joined my school’s chess club. I used to dislike chess but when I gradually started to get better, I started to enjoy chess more and more tongue.png. Last year I went to the Georgia MLK Chess Tournament and got 4/5! That was sadly my last tournament because Covid happened and we had to go through lockdown and all that stuff. In my free time I LOVE to read, do math, and watch TV. I am currently reading the Theodore Boone Series and I’ve also just started reading another series, Hatchet. My favorite TV Shows and Franchises are Marvel, Star Wars, , and Psych. On math, I’m doing Pre-Algebra and Advanced Decimals.

I also LOVE animals! I have 3 cats and a turtle and I would love a dog but my dad doesn’t want one sad.png. Here is a pic of my cats:

The 2 kittens are 10 months and the older cat is 7 years old. The cat that  looks like a Oreo is named Oreo (Big-Brainer) and the other cat that looks like a Buttercup is named Buttercup (Another Big-Brainer). The older cat is named Bella and looks like a Bella (Right?).