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19 nov. 2019
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portal and half life are good games

also krunker is probably best browser game

here are some GOALS

1300 in all variants

1400 in blitz

1400 in rapid

1600 in bullet

22 puzzle rush 3 min

1900 puzzles


sorry if I spelled that wrong

1. In one of Hikaru v Levy sub battle

2. Got 4th in CLG tourney. Almost 3000 people god

actually it might be 3rd since 1st place got banned OMEGALUL

OCD is gonna win in not so pro blitz chess league

most people say it stands for Online Chess Dinosaurs

I say it stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... To Win!

Stafford Gambit is OP

i might start playing the petrov for black idk

Here are some things i know about you:

1. You hate it when people do these as their About Mes.

thats all

oh and plus join The Blue Club hehe

and I have my own blog hehe

here is a rundown of my friends

if they're titled i just friended them because it feels good to be friends with titled players

AwarePiece is my best friend

GenerousSidewalk is AwarePiece's brother

1ARKChess1 is my friend

amogh2008 is my friend

zen7iva is someone I help to get better at the game

kraunak60 and Mathsam57 are people I played in ultra bullet variant championship

SpicyMcMuffin is one of my favorite twitch streamers

jerryz123 is my brother

LoganTheMemer is my friend

If you want

Message me

if you want me to play u

any time control EXCEPT classical

classical is above 30 minutes

and as for increment

each second of increment corrospondes to 1 minute of normal time


15/10 is the same as 25/0

so yeah


if you like krunker io

my username is Free_Focus gift me KR

and yeah thats all