Jack of openings. master of none. <--What i mean is : I've studied almost all openings searching for the type of positions that suit my style but know none very deeply. The fun to me is figuring the deeper ideas of the openings at the board! Chronic time pressure offender. Aim is to play dynamic,interesting and everything to avoid dull chess.(Ambassador of the opening which i haven't had a chance to employ in slow yet but i coined it:  "the mouse slip" which is 1.c4 Nf6 2. Nc3or g3...Rg8?! idea: g5?!) ....Never played for a draw in my life. I've lost & won drawn positions because of this. Every move or strategy has a counter strategy. I strive for perfect moves in standard and its costly! <--(Tick Tock) Blitz and bullet is fun but i'll take the longest time control possible.  "Chigorin, who was always a true artist in
chess, chose for his creative work not
those methods which promised greater
practical success, but those which gave
him pleasure as an artist"