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phpTeKae7.png, thx to @BughouseKnight! 232 moves in 30 seconds game, 1.5 vs 1.1 accuracy! 260 moves in 30 sec with @Trsw420! , and 287 moves with @BrandonJacobson! 

Rip @yoavjm_2004, he is gonna come back and get loads of views and claim that he closed his acc for 1 year lol! If you can guess what bbb means I will give you 10 trophies!

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I am a titled player with Platinum membership, not anymore they made me diamond. ha!I

I cheapoed someone in rapid OMEGALUL, proof

longest quote ever --->, forum with most comments,, not most but most in 7 hours lol, LOL

@trsw420 is beast, 3k!!. I'm number 153 in bullet worldwide! "was" sad.png. I am in 139 clubs!! yay, number 16 in rapid worldwide!, 192 in bullet! ( I am very underrated in blitz ), outdated sad.png

Everything on this world is either a potato or not a potato, if you manage to convince me that something is not a potato and not a not potato then I will give you 10 trophies!

Join my club if you are over 2600 in bullet.

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And join this club if you have over 40 in 3 minute puzzle rush, or over 48 in 5 minute puzzle rush.

Adopted 2Bg51-0 30.5-1.5! I am also often adopted, mainly by @yoavjm_2004 and @ThunderrPanda

Let's get 8000 views before the end of the year! 100 views per day ain't hard c'mon, achieved, lets get 9000+ views, also done, lets get 10k before January third? 10K b4 2021 done haha's founder @erik replied to my message!

My favorite film director is Christopher Nolan!

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These are NOT rick rolls, if you don't believe me tbh idgaf just don't click!

1% if the music I like, ( there's too many I can't flood my bio )