Hi, my name is Milo. I like chees- I mean chess. I'm a Anyway, I like playing chess, video games and sipping my coffee while reading the daily newspaper.


USCF: 442

Rapid: 415

Blitz: 324

Bullet: 493

Puzzles: 1081

Daily: 967

Chess 960 LIVE: 683

3 check: 818

KotH: 986

Crazyhouse: 705

1. You are reading this

2. You are a human

3. You can’t say the letter P without separating your lips

4. You’ve just attempted to do it

6. You are laughing at yourself

7. You have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5

8. You check if there was a number 5 

9. You laugh at this because you fell for it and everyone else did too

10. Copy and paste this to see who else falls for it too

-Milo Catrick