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message, me if you want me to join your club because i surely will. i have been playing chess for quite a while now and i have to say is really good if you want to improve your chess. (i love puzzle battle by the way so feel free to challenge me if i'm online).I also have a youtube channel so here is one of the videos:

A lot of people do that thing like i know 10 facts about you in their profile which i find very stupid so i am going to keep this short and simple. 

Clubs to join kings of 64 is a really good club to join, we supply daily puzzles, jokes riddles and more everyday If you love 4pc (four player chess) then this is the club for you if you support indian yogis in the pro chess league and like there team if you have joined beta and there are bugs/glitches this is the place to report it if you are a fan of aman hambleton and eric hansen and the other chessbrahs this is the place to support them!

My Friends on

@thealexandar36. he has helped massively in the growing in our club, and he is a really nice guy 

@DenisD2009. he is really fun to play bughouse and bullet against

@SV2701. he always plays the french defense as black and 1.d4 as white and is nice to play bughouse with him

@Nightmarefreddy also is fun to play bughouse against and loves to play the kramer varitation in the kings indian (even though its trash) here's a game against him where i won

and here is another one of my best games in the kings Indian where i finished with a nice queen        sac

anyway hope you liked my profile happy.pngthumbup.pnggold.png and fill this if you think you know me!

if you can read this privately message me 

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