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Louie Jiang

Montreal, Canada
Date d'inscription
28 janv. 2011
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il y a 8 jours
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Membre payant depuis le 15 mars 2017

I love chess and have been playing it for the last 21 years, progressing through the ranks with a self-taught system focusing on tactical calculation.


I have been teaching for 8 years now and have worked with the local Echecs et Maths organization to teach chess to youths of all ages.


I can provide my students with deep insight and detailed advice at all levels of play and a systematic long term approach to chess.


Online personal coaching -

$28 USD for 60 min

$35 USD for 90 min



I can speak english, french and mandarin fluently.


Some of my best results:

2013 Quebec Junior Championship - 1st

2012 McGill Open Championship  - 1st

2011 Montreal Open Championship - 2nd

2009 Canadian Zonal Championship - 3rd


Contact Info:

Email: sicarius2357@gmail.com

Phone: 514-377-6463

You can also add me directly on Skype using the above phone number or email.



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