Lichess: Areyoumadtt

Snap: mattchan354 

These are some secrets to my friends who don't play chess(Please don't read all of this): 

1. I taught myself how to speed solve the Rubiks cube and I have done it in under 20 seconds before(PB 17 seconds) 

2. My birthday is on a terrible day of the year but it is around Halloween.  And NO I was not born on a Friday, I was born on a Tuesday and in 2020 it was on a Tuesday. It is not February 29, it is not April 20, it is not January 1, it is not December 31, it is not December 24, it is not on national cheeseburger day and it is not on December 7. 

3.  I broke 2000 USCF OTB for the first time on National Girlfriend Day but now I am slowly tilting.

4. I also broke 1900 USCF OTB for the first time literally the week before he screamed "I WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" very loudly in some tournament in New Jersey during the last round back in May 2019. 

5. I am somewhere on the top 100 lists for online ratings surprisingly. 

6.  I promise I won't promote to a queen. The only exceptions are that if I'm about to flag or there is a good chance that I won't win if I underpromote. Trust me, I know how to checkmate with a K + Q and I can do it with my eyes closed but I am not a boring chess player. 

7.  I will move my rook or knight back and forth if I want to

8.  Peak OTB uscf rating: 2037

9. Peak OTB blitz rating: 2033 

10. Online USCF: Way lower than my actual OTB rating probably like 1200 or lower because I can't concentrate in front of a computer screen for 5 hours nonstop. I can't hold my mouse properly when I move the pieces, enjoy my free pieces and blunders because I'm a generous guy.  And thanks for farming my elo online rating points pastors.