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I'm bored. If you wanna dev a bot with me on Discord, it's Duck#4869

My Chesspersonality result is mastermind. I'm pretty bad at KOTL. I run KOTL: The Unoriginal. If you would like to join, click on this hyperlink and post a comment. I will not accept friend requests unless I know you pretty well. I'm currently aiming for a rating of 1000 in all chess variants. If you like memes I can generate some original memes for you. Press on 'more' for quotes, games, blah blah (or maybe you do not need to, I do not know) 

"The only thing we lack is time. We need time to recover from sicknesses. We need time to complete gruelling tasks. We need time to learn. We need time to eat. Without time, nobody would be able to do anything. Thus, time is the only thing we lack."


Computer wins: Level 5

Computer level 6:

Draw with Computer Level 7: