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I should actually write something here...well, here's a list of people I'd like to thank:

@spins5mE you are a piece of R2GM I couldn't replace you

@roadchessmaster12345 R2GM has been able to improve much more since you coincidentally ran into the club.

@prince_USA you're a bit of an OG member of R2GM and a great admin to have in a tight spot. 

@kesarling_ut you have been an indispensable super admin of R2GM. A true super super admin. I don't know what I would do without you.

@scobblelotcher even though you served R2GM for just a couple months you were a great member since the beginning. I'm sad to see you go, but finish up your studies then you can come back.

@fuchuina you don't know how happy I am to see you back! Thanks so much!

@creatureking_hn When scobble left you saved my life. If you hadn't turned up out of wherever scobble found you I would be a wreck today.

@binomine I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. You are supporting R2GM and I think you are an awesome person for that. Your generosity is better than anyone I've ever known. Thank you for being you!

@itude You gave to R2GM freely as well and that helped me a lot!

Let me know if I forgot someone

I am 2000 in 3 check on lichess!

Profile name is Friday_The_13th7

Information concerning Hilddea:

I will put this on the bottom of my profile as I am not enthusiastic about the most recent 'hobby' of mine.

Apparently I have been running a 'bad' club, a 'spam' club and an 'unwanted' club. Road to GM is all three of these, called so by @Hilddea the top gifter on

While Hilddea will spend 1000s on memberships for the winners in his clubs Road to GM spends much less.

I give up fighting Hilddea, I gave up a long time ago. All I want now is for you to choose. I'll give you some options:

  1. - Road to GM - is my club that has been given the titles mentioned above. This club is very fun to be in, It has a very good staff (judging by the member's reviews) We're all light-hearted and won't give you a stressing time. To earn a membership we ask that you play chess every day. In fact, by playing everyday in the club you will be able to earn (not win) a membership. Road to GM gives out 4 memberships (gold 1 month) each month to winners in the membership race. One of these memberships can be won by the gold draw raffle that certain members that have qualified for can be in. The top 3 in the Membership Race at the end of each month wins a gold membership. If you plan on taking the - Road to GM - Option you cannot take the Hilddea (#2) option below as you will be banned in his clubs. Road to GM will not exceed 3000 members. There are currently spots available for 500+ more members in the club. If you don't think you will be very active in R2GM you are welcome to not join if you do not want to.
  2. Hilddea has 14 clubs you can join. If you are good at chess you will be able to earn a membership at some sort of membership tournament. You can probably have chances to get 'chances' to win a membership by guessing such things as 'what's in the box' or placing a club advertisement on your profile for his club "Road to Membership" In this way you can earn memberships. These clubs have no limit on members, only limitations on what members can join. Unlike Road to GM Hilddea's clubs ban all members who are part of Road to GM. In this way if you are in R2GM at all you will be caught and banned sometime soon because R2GM is 'unwanted' by Hilddea. It is important to also point out that My league (Club Wars) is run by me and any clubs owners that are reading this, you will not be allowed into Hilddea's clubs if you are there either.

Your choice, my friends. I hope you find peace wherever you find yourself.



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