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A question Who is coolest in this Multiverse

Answer: I @rishit_india or Rishit Srivastava


Grinders are players with an unassuming style that can hide just how intent they are on winning. They don’t need to know opening theory to beat you. They don’t need to have an advantage to beat you. They don’t even need to have an equal position to beat you. Grinders have good positional skills, and are usually most at home in endgames. They are attuned to their opponents’ weaknesses which they use against them. On the other hand, they often know their own strengths and limitations pretty objectively, and will make good practical decisions. It’s hard to take advantage of a Grinder’s weaknesses, and you won’t have much luck getting errors out of them by applying pressure.

Anatoly Karpov is a Grinder

Anatoly KarpovAnatoly Karpov (born 1951), twelfth World Champion and superb positional player, is one of the most successful Grinders of all time. Not only did he hold the world title for 10 years, but in order to prove himself after Fischer disappeared, he played in as many tournaments as he could and amassed the most impressive win total and tournament resume of any player in history. During his prime, Karpov was famous for declining draws in worse positions, confident that he would play well enough to never lose them - all while giving his opponents ample opportunity to blow the game as they got ground down by the long game and his intense will to win!

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Hi I am Rishit Srivastava I study in 5th I am Non-FIDE Rated,I am playing chess since last 8.1 Years I am currently 10

Some of my chess achiecements

I have ranked all the state top20 which I have played

Won 1 trophie only for chesscry.png

I have 5medals in chess.com 1Koth 3rd medal

Other than chess achievements

First medal at NCO 3rd Grade with international rank #98

Silver Medal at NCO 4th Grade International Rank #120

Bronze Medal and IMO 4thGrade

Lemon and spoon race 1st medal

Lemon and spoon race 1st medal

Riddle comeption 3rd Grade 6/10

Riddle comeption 5th Grade 20/20

I have more but don`t w

My friends


@FreetheBase2018- Gifted mediamond.png

@GM_Nature- He loves nature so much and he is my brother

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