thank you everyone for ur wishes....im having high fever, i have tested for covid, the reports have arrived, and im POSITIVE, so im not much active here...hope u understand 

I'll reply to every1 once im ok

read the whole bio till the last, xD I UPDATE IT A LOT! XD

[Year 2021] : Song of the Day 4/4: FIIM OUT BY BTS

I Hope you enjoy this song, cuz I love it! Tell me how you like it in notes!

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@BANGTAN_ARMY : my bestie...! Love u lotsss! I have highlighted this person cuz she's my only one, bitter but its true, she understands my emotions...i wud be crying day n night, and prolly wud have been alone in this world till now if i hadn't have u, i love u lots girl, and u always hold the 1st place in my heart <333

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@meggycat, @kpopstan25, @Ruby_D : thanks for introducing me to many kpop groups! Lysssm!

@Cherrychopper : She’s very kind, and really supportive! Lysm dear!

@Treasure_Chesss : really she's very sweet, and my kpopoie friend haha

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ok, so I just love this a lot....Jimin does the dance with emotions, like yea, and jhope gives youth feels...omg, I just love jhope and ryunjin dance, like i cant just imagine, ryunjin and yuna being trainees and featuring in the love urself highlight reel, ah and then debuting in 2019 as itzy, i love it dude!....and when jhope holds his fist right into his fingers, oh my goddd, im gonna die haha....the dance is super bright! so, when the lights starting flashing like photobooth and the stars exploding, we'll be fireproof, i love it!!!

BEOMGYUUUUUUUUUUUUU! He's just super chaotic and cute, haha~!

proof :-

i love bemogyuuu!

ahh,  ROSÉ - On The Ground

btw doesn't it sound like Taylor Swift's Blank Space, like kinda? wdyt?


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