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10 mai 2020
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Some random stuff about me...

1. im a chess lover, winner and loser 😉 

2. I love studying different languages especially Spanish, which i'm currently fluent in 

3. Blue and grey are my all time fav colors....and maybe orange

4. My age is the answer to this problem multiplied by 2 "2(x^2 -4)=154" 😛

5. I love pineapple on pizza...i know I'm such a rebel 😂 🍕

6. I really want to get a job with linguistics someday!

7. I like to play pretty much any sport

8. Back to the pizza...i eat it with utensils 😉

I'll accept just about any challenge and will always be polite👌

I love meeting new people so if you send a friend request I'll be sure to accept!.....have a nice dayhappy.png